The Digital Tech Summit got off to a good start

Friday 03 Dec 21


Mark Bernhard Riis
Head of Innovation
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 52 22

Denmark's new major tech and research event has created a venue for the research and companies that drive the digital development in Denmark and the Nordic countries.

Over three thousand guests, researchers, leading business people, technology-leading companies, and innovative startups showed up to the first edition of the Digital Tech Summit, DTS, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The eight Danish universities, together with the IT-Branchen and Teknologiens Mediehus, have established the new Danish tech and research event.

Øksnehallen located close to Copenhagen Central Station formed an inviting and warm setting, and Project Director for Digital Tech Summit and Head of Innovation at DTU Compute Mark Riis is a very happy man:

"The atmosphere at the Digital Tech Summit was fantastic. It shows that we have a common agenda. Namely, how to best develop and utilize digital technologies so that we humans come to the center, and solve major societal challenges with the technologies, for example in the field of sustainability or health. And it shows that healthy, value-creating, and promising technological development requires cooperation across institutions, sectors, and countries."

Great support
Digital Tech Summit was a mixture of keynotes, panel debates, thematic sessions, exhibitions, startup activities, and awards such as the Danish AI Award and the Danish championship in AI for students, where two students from DTU Compute won.

The keynote speaker at the conference was Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission, who shared her visions for a strong European digital leadership through targeted research and technology initiatives, with a particular focus on how we develop and apply AI.

"The atmosphere at the Digital Tech Summit was fantastic. It shows that we have a common agenda."
Project director for DTS and innovation manager at DTU Compute Mark Riis

DTU itself was strongly represented as speakers at the Digital Tech Summit with 30 researchers, half of them from DTU Compute in addition to President of DTU Anders Bjarklev, who welcomed. Eg. our research section Visual Computing had chosen to let the annual Visionday conference be part of the Digital Tech Summit. And not to forget, 70 exhibiting companies, including Maersk, GN, AMBU, Novo, FOSS, and 3Shape, who showcased their latest technological solutions and invited job candidates in. And at the startup area, over 150 tech startups presented new business ideas.

The partners' vision for the Digital Tech Summit is to create the leading research-based technology fair in the Nordic region.

"With 3,300 actual participants out of 4,200 registered, I think the first Digital Tech Summit fulfill the goal. It shows that there is a need for an ambitious venue where researchers, young digital talent, tech startups, and leading companies discuss visions. We can see that the concept creates value and that many would like to pay to be part of the Digital Tech Summit," says Mark Riis.

Digital Tech Summit

  • Technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computers, and machine learning are changing our world and can be keys to competitiveness and growth for individual companies as well as for Denmark as a whole.
  • The research and tech event Digital Tech Summit, DTS, will contribute to Denmark's strong research position within digital technologies becoming a new business for the country's leading companies, growth in small and medium-sized companies, and new startups.
  • The eight Danish universities (DTU, ITU, CBS, KU, RUC, SDU, AU, AAU) have established DTS together with the IT-Branchen and Teknologiens Mediehus.
  • The main sponsors are the Otte Mønsteds Fond, IDA, GN, Den Danske Maritime Fond, Innovationsfonden, Otto Bruuns Fond, STIBO, DIREC - Digital Research Center Denmark, Copenhagen FinTech and the City of Copenhagen.

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