31 MAR

Flexible Energy Denmark: We can and should improve the use of renewable energy

The digitalisation project Flexible Energy Denmark has proven the value of data liberationacross energy systems. The project has also increased our understanding of how...

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 The National Archives (UK), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
01 NOV

Utilize waste heat from data centers in district heating

A new report from the Cool-Data project sheds light on the possibilities for utilizing flexibility and waste heat from data centers in Denmark. DTU's researchers answer...

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Henrik Madsen, Professor at DTU Compute. Credit Mikal Schlosser
24 OCT

Should our energy system be digital?

Professor Henrik Madsen estimates that digitization and flexibility, which are two crucial ingredients in the future energy system, are already possible to a large extent...

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DTU Compute har blandt andet arbejdet med varmestyring i Tingbjerg i Københavns Kommune. Foto: Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
05 OCT

DTU develops new tools for energy savings

A Danish/Swedish project has created new tools and methods for working with energy planning, energy management, and energy renovation.

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09 SEP

Energy crisis: Data helps us save energy

Behavioral change, digital solutions, and energy data in real time can help us reach the climate goal and get through the energy crisis more easily.

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Globus - landkort med Nordsøen og Østersøen. Foto: Hanne Kokkegård
17 JUN

Digitalization will make electricity consumption more flexible

When the offshore wind turbines near the energy islands produce power, it has to be used - even in the middle of the night. Digitalizing the power grid can help us.

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27 APR

Partnership to make cement more climate-friendly

DTU, FLSmidth, Danish Technological Institute and others will develop methods to replace fossil fuels with electricity in cement industry.

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12 JAN

DTU enters wide-ranging CCUS partnership

DTU is joining forces with 18 stakeholders to implement a roadmap for carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

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DIGITAL TECH SUMMIT 2021 - Mikal Schlosser for DTU Compute
03 DEC

The Digital Tech Summit got off to a good start

Denmark's new major tech and research event has created a venue for the research and companies that drive the digital development in Denmark and the Nordic countries...

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