DTU Compute, foto: Bax Lindhardt
01 FEB

Denmark to lead a major EU investment in responsible AI

A permanent test and experimentation facility (TEF) will help accelerate the development of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe by giving companies access...

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Per Bækgaard, NNF programme Reading the Reader- Credit Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
25 JAN

AI will help people with impaired vision to read better

With a grant of eight million DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Associate Professor Per Bækgaard will be at the forefront of developing an artificial intelligence model...

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13 JAN

Encryption holds our digital society together

Man has been encrypting information since ancient times, but today it plays a bigger role than ever. In the future, our existing encryptions can easily be broken if we...

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Data-privacy_700x350. Foto: Colourbox
05 JAN

Taking back privacy control

We need better control over our personal data if we are to keep hackers and commercial interests from knowing our every move. DTU plays an important role in a large EU...

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Seniorforsker Jakob Sauer Jørgensen (til højre) og postdocs Nicolai Riis og Amal Alghamdi, som sammen har stået i spidsen for at udvikle software-værktøjet. På billedet  ses de tre ved en CUQIpy-workshop i september 2022. Foto: Nicolai A. B. Riis.
02 JAN

Free software quantifies the uncertainty in scans

The research team CUQI at DTU Compute has, with an atypical process, reduced 1000 lines of code to five in new software, which e.g. helps see unwanted features within...

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Kalundborg Circular Campus: Kalundborg bliver hjemby for en ny arkitektuddannelse. Placering af campus er stadig uvis, for der er fem steder i spil. Gennem DESIRE vil partnerne teste forskellige placeringer af sammen med de studerende og forskellige interessenter i byen, før man beslutter placeringen af campus. Foto: Kalundborg Symbiosis
22 DEC

New European Bauhaus makes nature and vulnerable groups stakeholders

The EU-supported project DESIRE combines art, architecture and design and incorporates the digital as a building material in an innovative design process for sustainable...

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Cybermesterskaberne. Credit Ditte Weng
19 DEC

DTU educating the cyber warriors of the future

Hacker-led cyber-attacks are becoming ever more frequent while also becoming yet more cunning. At DTU’s Hackerlab, students can learn to think like a hacker—an insight...

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Christian D. Jensen, DTU Compute. Foto: Thomas Sørensen
14 DEC

IT systems must build trust the same way people do

Cybersecurity threats linger over Denmark like a dark cloud. Working in this environment is cybersecurity researcher Christian Damsgaard Jensen, who is seeking to reduce...

Information technology Mathematics
Assistant Professor at DTU Compute Christian Majenz. Photo credit Claus Lillevang for Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond / Independent Research Fund Denmark
07 DEC

Christian Majenz and Dimitrios Papadopoulos receive the Sapere Aude grant from...

The two DTU Compute Assistant Professors are among the 41 talented research leaders who receive money for their ground-breaking research projects.

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