Hjertecentret på Rigshospitalet og DTU Compute skal sammen ved hjælp af et unikt dansk datasæt med patientundersøgelser indsamlet gennem mere end 10 år undersøge, om kunstig intelligens (AI) kan afsløre nye og hidtil ukendte tegn på hjertekar-sygdommene hjertestop og stroke.  Her læge i Hjertecentret på Rigshospitalet Klaus Fuglsang Kofoed og lektor Rasmus R. Paulsen fra forskningssektionen Visual Computing på DTU Compute. Foto: Rigshospitalet.
17 MAY

AI project investigates the risk of cardiac death and stroke

DTU and Rigshospitalet let artificial intelligence review unique patient data to find new ways to predict and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Mathematics Medicine and medico technology Image analysis Information technology
Lasse Engbo Christiansen, DTU Compute. Credit: Hanne Kokkegård
02 MAY

DTU Mathematician to help SSI build up an expert group

Lasse Engbo Christiansen has been central in the group that has calculated the development of the pandemic and the effect of restrictions and reopening.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Mathematics Health and diseases
Foto: Bax Lindhardt.
18 MAR

Five prestigious grants for DTU researchers

A total of five researchers from DTU receive ERC Consolidator Grants of approximately DKK 15 mio. from the European Research Council.

Mobility Transport behaviour Innovation and product development Systems analysis Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases Light sources Micro and nanotechnology Optics
Lektor Silvia Tolu i laboratoriet. Foto: Bax Lindhardt | Assistant Professor Silvia Tolu in the laboratory. Photo: Bax Lindhardt.
15 FEB

Audacious search for the roots of Parkinson’s disease

A computational model being developed at DTU aims to help get to the roots of Parkinson’s disease to allow for future early diagnosis and treatment.

Computer calculations Health and diseases
Twitter bugner af argumenter, holdninger, information - og misinformation. Her ses det ikoniske Twitter-logo, nu med mundbind. (Grafik fra og Shutterstock)
11 FEB

A 60 billion tweet study of anti-vaccine misinformation

Provaxx profiles often refer to news media and science sites, while antivaxx profiles much more often refer to YouTube.

Information technology Mathematics Health and diseases
First eight Principal Components identified in the dataset. For each component, the blue and red areas express opposite directions of variation. Credit: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) / Cortex: ’Data-driven analysis of gaze patterns in face perception: Methodological and clinical contributions’.
27 JAN

Eye movements and machine learning reveal signs of illness

DTU algorithm analyzes patterns in eye movements in patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders and helps in diagnosis.

Information technology Mathematics Medicine and medico technology
BrainCapture. An affordable, Bluetooth enabled electrode cap. An app for datacollection and upload to cloud. A Quality Control (QC) algorithm to enable clean data collection by non-expert workers.
26 JAN

EU support for low-cost medical equipment for epilepsy

DTU spinout BrainCapture receives DKK 40 million from EIC and private investors to get equipment for diagnostics on the market.

Information technology Mathematics Medicine and medico technology
 Anders Bjorholm Dahl, Professor, Head of the reseach section 'Visual Computing' at DTU Compute_credit Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
19 JAN

DTU will make it easier to analyze unique 3D images

Machine learning must standardize 3D image analysis to improve use of data prepared on advanced research facilities.

Information technology Mathematics Medicine and medico technology Materials
Child with Cochelar implant - Oticon Medical
18 JAN

AI to help doctors treat deafness

Image analysis tools can make diagnosis and planning more efficient for implantation of the advanced hearing aid cochlear implant.

Information technology Mathematics Medicine and medico technology

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