DIGITAL TECH SUMMIT 2021 - Mikal Schlosser for DTU Compute

Digital Tech Summit: Building European Tech Resilience

Thursday 08 Sep 22


Jan Madsen
Professor, Section Head, Deputy Director
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 37 51


Mark Bernhard Riis
Head of Innovation
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 52 22

Digital Tech Summit 2022

  • Digital Tech Summit is the largest academic based technology and ­business event in the Nordic countries
  • Digital technologies are driving change at all levels of society. 
  • Our vision is to create the leading research-based tech meeting space in the Nordic Countries in order to interact and debate the most recent discoveries, participate in matchmaking events, and generate new ideas.
  • This year’s main theme for the Digital Tech Summit “Building European Tech Resilience” focuses on the possibilities of technology to solve the major societal challenges that we face in Europe
    today such as climate change, energy crisis, healthcare & disease prevention, production, security, etc.
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The geopolitical changes mean that we have to build a stronger, more resilient, green, and technology-based future for Europe. Come join us at DTS 2022!

From 25 - 26 October 2022, all Danish universities join forces with DIREC - Digital Research Centre Denmark, the Danish ICT Industry Association (IT-Branchen), DI Digital, Dansk IT and The Media House of Technology (Teknologiens Mediehus) to create a focal point for showcasing the latest research and the large number of businesses and start-ups driving the digital development in Denmark and the Nordic region.

Together, they will ensure that the strong position of Danish research within digital technologies is transformed into new business models with companies in Denmark, and that it will stimulate growth in small and medium-sized enterprises and unicorns and promote innovation and startup activities in our society.

This year’s main theme “Building European Tech Resilience” focuses on the possibilities of technology to solve the major societal challenges that we face in Europe today such as climate change, healthcare and disease prevention, production, security and so forth.  
In the aftermath of the corona-pandemic, one of the major societal challenges we are facing is the micro-chip shortage in Europe. We found ourselves in a situation, where it was difficult for us to get hold of the technology we need in our everyday life. As Professor Jan Madsen, chairman of the board at Digital Tech Summit, puts it:  

“The microchip shortage was a wakeup call for Europe. Microchips are the engine of digitalization – they are an underlying part of almost every piece of modern tech.”  

The shortage prompted the EU to establish The Chip Act. This act has set aside a large amount of money to reinforce the European supply chains, and to make Europe if not self-sufficient, then at least more resilient. But it is not only about microchips. Jan Madsen explains:

“The reason for discussing tech-resilience is to create awareness of our situation; what’s Europe’s position, if others suddenly can’t - or won’t – deliver the technology we need in our local ecosystems?”.

Resilience is not just about ensuring access to critical resources as microchips. It is also about designing solutions, which consider these fragile and critical links in our supply chains, so that we can ensure alternatives - if a link should break. 

“This is where Europe can become competitive; we cannot compete on price, but we are in an excellent position to build resilient and sustainable solutions, which respect both humans and nature in the process,” Jan Madsen continues. 

Digital Tech Summit will focus on building resilience through involvement of many different stakeholders and with contributions from many different industries as well as various technologies.

That's why Digital Tech Summit is important; it is a platform framing the growing eco-system, where stakeholders from a broad spectrum are joined. It is companies who develop tech and companies who use it, alongside the research-field through all Danish universities and a whole startup community.

Digital Tech Summit is unique, and the mission is to bring together academia, industry and policymakers to build a better future. Have a look on the program.

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