Aasa Feragen er professor på DTU Compute, Foto: Bax Lindhardt
29 NOV

Explainable AI to increase hospitals' use of AI

In a new DIREC project, AI researchers are collaborating with hospitals to create more useful AI and AI algorithms that are easier to understand.

Mathematics Medicine and medico technology Information technology
Sensible DTU
11 NOV

Awards show breakthroughs in data science

Society has opened its eyes to how important the research field can be for society, says DTU professor.

Information technology Mathematics
 The National Archives (UK), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
08 NOV

Data centers should be integrated into a green energy system

Energy project: Rethink the way the data center's climate footprint is calculated, match the power consumption with green electricity and reuse the waste heat.

Energy Information technology Mathematics
04 NOV

Responsible AI Seminar - An interdisciplinary, inter-university seminar series

Responsible AI draws on widely different scientific disciplines, from the technical aspects of AI, via ethics, philosophy and law, to the individual realities of different...

Image analysis
01 NOV

Digital foundation of future energy needed

Contribution i Altinget: Research holds the key to the future of green energy systems, but the national focus needs to be on the digital operating system that will connect...

Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy production Energy Energy systems Solar energy Wind energy IT systems
Columbusprise blev overrakt den 28. oktober 2021 til projektleder, professor Michael Bang Petersen (til venstre) fra Aarhus Universitet samt  til professor Sune Lehmann fra DTU. Foto: Fotograf Brian Berg for Forlaget Columbus
29 OCT

The HOPE project is honored for important Corona research

The HOPE team from AU, KU and DTU receives the Columbus Prize 2021 for clear communication about the Danes' behavior during the COVID-19 crisis.

Information technology Mathematics Health and diseases
IT-camp 2021 på DTU
29 OCT

High school girls programmed robots during the holidays

34 girls got a taste of how life as an IT student can be - at the DTU IT-camp.

Mathematics Information technology

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