Tech4Civ is a special section at DTU Compute. Our strategy takes its point of departure in the overall mission of DTU to develop and create value for society, using technical and natural sciences.

Tech4Civ section January 2024

We, as civilians, are increasingly experiencing huge changes in our society, our climate, and in the way humans interact with technology. On these grounds, the Tech4Civ strategy is founded. A quest, for broadening how DTU can help, to enable a democratization of technologies, to empower citizens to actively take part in shaping the transformation of our society, and to put Denmark on the map as a strategic partner for sustainable socio-technical development.

Our mission is to make research on digital transformation and innovation in public organisations accessible and comprehensive, and to bring it closer to practice by co-creating and transferring knowledge to public and private organisations, inspiring them to take action. With the Tech4Civ strategy we invite partners from all sectors to join us in this journey.

Founded by Program Director & PhD-student Mie Weile and Head of Department & Professor Jan Madsen, the Tech4Civ strategy is created on basis of anti-disciplinary pioneering research.

Key Areas


DTU has been involved in the development of various digital platforms and tools that can enable citizens to access public services more easily and securely. These include online portals for tax filing, public transportation, and healthcare services.

Data analytics

DTU has a strong expertise in data science, and has been working with government agencies to analyze and visualize large datasets in order to inform policy decisions and improve service delivery.

Smart cities

DTU has been involved in several initiatives aimed at creating more sustainable and livable cities through the use of technology. This includes developing solutions for energy management, waste reduction, and smart transportation.

DTU's work in GovTech demonstrates the potential for academic institutions to play a key role in advancing digital transformation and innovation in the public sector.