DTU Compute collaborates with companies, other universities, research institutions, and public authorities. A collaboration with DTU gives your organisation access to the latest research in the technical sciences. We offer a wide range of collaboration opportunities with both researchers and students, and with us you get innovative, knowledge-based solutions that can create development and growth.

DTU makes its extensive professional knowledge and expertise in the field of technical-scientific science available to national and international authorities and private actors, so that the university contributes to reliable, secure and impartial knowledge that can form the basis for decision support, such as risk assessments and knowledge of technologies of the future.

Such collaboration can range from upgrading your company or organisation on the short term to a longer term commitment. It can also vary from knowledge sharing and consultancy to collaborations on big data solutions, connection of engineering interns or business candidates - or to a full scale research cooperation. You and your organisation set the limits.

Our collaboration effort is handled through our special sections: Innovation and Tech4Civ, and through our permanent offers of Public sector consultancy, DTU Data Analysis and through the European Study Group with Industry.