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Development of companies and organizations through collaboration with DTU Compute. 

Innovation Team October 2023

Innovation and entrepreneurship

The digital transformation of the economy is key for Denmark to remain competitive internationally. Our companies and public sector organizations need to integrate technologies into their business to fully benefit from the efficiency gains and innovation they may bring, while remaining sustainable.

DTU Compute plays an important role to support companies and the public sector in the digital transformation, and to meet societal challenges within sustainability, healthcare, security, food, manufacturing etc. Our efforts will highly support national and EU digital strategies (such as the EU AI Act and Chip Act) as well as DTU's overall strategic areas. We have an increased focus on using entrepreneurship and innovation as a driver for creating talent and research excellence in combination, and we strive to scale through open and broad innovation, and thereby strengthen our role in innovation ecosystem. 

DTU Compute has a strong innovation profile that is integrated into educational, research and scientific advice activities. During 2017-2022 DTU Compute had contacts with more than 600 different companies, from large enterprises to SME’s and start-ups.

You can interact with DTU Compute on innovation and entrepreneurship in many ways:

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Community building and Entrepreneurship

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