Section for Software and Process Engineering

Software and process engineering is a discipline concerned with all phases and aspects of developing software, from its first vague idea to the implementation and maintenance of the product. It provides principles, concepts, notations, methods, techniques, tools and technologies for the developing process.

Obviously, software engineering needs to take the technical aspects of programming and the use of technologies into account; but, equally important, are the cognitive, social, and psychological issues concerning the people involved in the development.

Today, almost all of our daily activities do involve software in some form or the other; software is everywhere and is interacting with other software and hardware all over the world. Therefore, Software Engineering is a cross-cutting discipline, which makes use of and needs to take into account solutions and technologies from different fields and to integrate them into a complete working whole.

We teach and do research and consulting covering a wide spectrum of the field: from requirements engineering, analysis, design, and formal verification over programming, modern development technologies and development methods and processes to automatic code generation. In particular, the section develops and contributes to software tools supporting the development process.

Our mission is to develop and improve notations, process, tools, and the understanding of software engineering for developing software in a faster, more economic and reliable way. This comprises disseminate this knowledge and experience to a wider audience in teaching and consulting.

We do research and offers science based consulting in the following areas:

  • Requirements engineering
  • Software development processes
  • Model-based software engineering and automatic code generation
  • Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)
  • Formal modelling and verification of software-based systems (e.g. in train control)
  • Mobile and web-bases applications
  • Empirical software engineering

Our teaching covers topics like:

  • Basic and advanced programming
  • Principles of software design and architecture
  • Software development processes
  • Requirements engineering and interaction design
  • Model-based software engineering
  • Formal aspects of software engineering
  • Web development
  • Development of mobile applications
  • Practical software engineering experience
  • Development of tools supporting the development process
  • Modelling and meta-modelling
  • Databases
  • Internet of things

In the context of our research and consulting, we worked in different fields of application:

  • Energy
  • Railway control
  • Environment
  • Health care and food
  • Mobile applications


Ekkart Kindler
Associate Professor
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 37 50

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