Section for Cybersecurity Engineering

Cybersecurity engineering focuses on the methods, processes and tools for the design, development and analysis of secure computing systems that are accessible through a network, typically the Internet, which is often known as cyberspace.

The Section for Cybersecurity Engineering aims at advancing and combining foundational and applied knowledge in cybersecurity and cryptography to address current and future scientific and societal challenges. We do that by means of cutting-edge research and research-based teaching. In particular:

  • We conduct foundational and applied research in a broad range of topics central for the design, development and testing of next-generation secure computing systems.
  • We educate new generations of engineers, scientists and IT professionals in the foundations, principles and state-of-the-art methods and technologies to address the secure development, deployment and operation of (networked) computing systems.



Nicola Dragoni
Deputy director, head of section, Professor
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 37 31
Ann-Cathrin Dunker
Administrative Coordinator
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 96 79