Section for Software Systems Engineering

Software is an essential component of the digitalization of society, and its role is becoming increasingly critical. Our digital society needs software that can be trusted, constructed with high scientific and engineering standards, and aligned with societal values and expectations.

Software Systems Engineering
Software Systems Engineering section October 2023

The section for Software Systems Engineering advances and combines applied and foundational research in software engineering, programming languages, process modelling, security and formal methods to address current and future scientific and societal challenges.

We educate new generations of scientists and engineers in the foundations and in the state-of-the-art of methods to build high-quality software systems, and we share our expertise with scientists, researchers, educators, practitioners, and decision-makers.

Research areas

At the Software Systems Engineering section we do research in several areas of software systems engineering, including software engineering, programming languages, formal methods, business process management, distributed systems, privacy & security.

Lead researchers