NAnoMEChanical sensors fundamentals and new directions
– a VKR Center of Excellence

PI: Anja Boisen, DTU Nanotech, Technical University of Denmark
Parners: DTU Nanotech, DTU Compute, Department of Pharmacy University of Copenhagen (KU)
Duration: 17.03.2015-16.03.2022

In NAMEC II we intend to design, realize and explore nanomechanical sensors and combine these into strong and generic research tools and systems. In the demonstration of the developed tools and systems the emphasis is on fundamental studies of molecular actions, cellular processes and structural properties of molecules and materials. NAMEC II is a continution of our sensor activities in the VKR Center NAMEC (2009-2014). We will focus on the following sensor technologie. Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering, electrochemistry, cantilever based sensing, calorimetry and photothermal spectroscopy. All sensing principles are utilizing nano and microfabricated structures with extraordinary sensitivities and with the capability of handling small amounts of samples (femtogram and picoliter). Sensor development is supported by research in system integration, new sensor materials, data processing and analytical modeling.

Our vision is within a 5-years research program to: i) explore a variety of nanomechanical sensors and push them towards new scientific breakthroughs, ii) merge different sensors in order to achieve more reliable data and to perform multiple parameter analyses, iii) integrate sensors and microfluidics for e.g. online monitoring and handling of minute samples, iv) investigate new sensor materials such as carbon, v) implement statistical data analysis and analytical modeling for fundamental sensor development as well as better understanding of sensor response, and vi) demonstrate specific demanding and challenging research projects within determination of molecular action, cellular processes and structural properties of molecules and materials.


Mads Peter Sørensen
DTU Compute
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