Neoro-adaptive digital learning

Constantina Ioannou: The goal of this PhD is to develop and test components of a neuro adaptive learning platform that helps to improve learning outcomes of learners by assessing the cognitive and emotional state of learners in a context-specific manner and by developing an adaptation mechanism.

Learners engagement with digital knowledge artefacts, such as conceptual models, data profiles and visualizations as well as software scripts is emerging in multi-disciplines like data science, and exasperated by the diversity of learners backgrounds entering such areas of study. Adaptive learning platforms have been developed to assist in such scenarios, however, current research into adaptive learning does not provide sufficient guidance on how a learner's engagement can be systematically measured to allow evidence of identifying knowledge gaps and facilititating knowledge transfer.

Neuro-physiological methods and tools provide the capability of continuous and real time observation of a learner revealing a learner's cognitive and emotional processes while engaging in a learning task.Measurements of learner's cognitive load such as using eye tracking technologies or heart rate variability can provide insights that unveil the challenges a learner faces in a much more fine grained and timely manner than existing learning platforms.The usage of neuro-physiological and psycho-physiological methods and tools has the potential to measure a learner's emotional processes and to adapt before a learner's motivation and engagement has dropped. Knowing both a learner's knowledge gaps and cognitive as well as emotional state will help to identify adaptation points and to refine and focus the learning pathways in the learning platform which according to the theory of deliberate practise has the potential for improving learning outcomes

PhD project

By: Constantina Ioannou

Section: Software Systems Engineering

Principal supervisor: Ekkart Kinder

Co-supervisors: Per Bækgaard, Shazia Saqid, Barbara Weber

Project title: Neoro-adaptive Digital Learning

Term: 01/09/2018 → 01/11/2022