DTU Årsfest 2024. Professor Inge Li Gørtz from DTU Compute, Professor Jens Honoré Walther from DTU Construct and President of PF (Polyteknisk Forening) Mikkel Berrig Rasmussen. Credit: Steen Brogaard

Inge Li Gørtz - Lecturer of the Year

Kunstig intelligens (AI) IT og cybersikkerhed

DTU Compute Professor Inge Li Gørtz wins Lecturer of the Year award, celebrated for her exceptional teaching skills and dedication to students. 

🌟 Congratulations to DTU Compute Professor Inge Li Gørtz🌟 Friday at the annual DTU party she received Lecturer of the Year award.

Every year the students and Polyteknisk Forening (the student union at DTU) pay tribute to two exceptional teachers; this year they chose 
Professor Jens Honoré Walther from DTU Construct and  Inge 

“I am extremely honored and proud to have received the DTU Lecturer of the Year Award. My deepest thanks go to all my fantastic students,” says Inge Li Gørtz.

An obvious choice to choose Inge

Three of her students elaborates why Inge is such an obvious recipient of the award.

“Inge is brilliant at understanding the challenges students have and finding out what it takes for the students to really understand the material. Each time I completed a course, I just wanted more. So, it’s a shame that there aren’t more courses to take,” says Christian Mikkelstrup, Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, MSc.

“She’s also good at engaging her students. She is always available when we work in groups trying to talk to all the students, so she knows exactly what they need, how far they have progressed, what they find challenging, and so on. She’s really good at explaining complex material in a way that is easy to follow, with good examples and good slides. And a good course structure,” adds Rikke Jessen, Mathematical Modelling and Computation, MSc.

Frederikke Uldahl, Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, MSc also mentions Inge’s huge interest in her students:

“She actively encourages us to present possible solutions or to discuss or just ask questions. And questions are always followed up by very competent answers.”

“I had a conversation with one of my fellow students where we discussed whether it was a coincidence that the subject areas that we’re most interested in also happen to be taught by our favourite lecturers, and we agreed that there’s probably a correlation. It’s a huge privilege to have lecturers who can stir up an interest in their subject and make their material accessible. Inge manages to do just that.”

The King, The Minister and the Astronaut

Almost 1,400 students, employees, business executives, and university representatives, and HM King Frederik X participated in the DTU Commemoration 2024.

The King attended the academic ceremony, which included award ceremonies, a commemorative lecture, singing, speeches and afterwards, a private reception for the awardees.

Among the guests was also Minister for Higher Education and Science
Christina Egelund and Astronaut and Honorary Professor at DTU Andreas Mogensen.

DTU Årsfest 2024. Inge Li Gørtz together with other award recipients, vice-chancellor Rasmus Larsen and HM King Frederik X. Credit: Steen Brogaard

DTU Årsfest 2024. Inge Li Gørtz together with other award recipients Jens Honore Walther and Lone Rosenkær Olsen, vice-chancellor Rasmus Larsen, President of PF (Polyteknisk Forening) Mikkel Berrig Rasmussen and HM King Frederik X. Credit: Steen Brogaard