20 years anniversary conference on Mathematics 1 at DTU

On Thursday, December 9, 2021, DTU Compute celebrates the 20th anniversary of our large introductory mathematics course, Mathematics 1.

The event takes place as a one-day seminar at DTU where we will discuss the role of mathematics in engineering education with colleagues from other departments and with guests from other universities.

The main themes will be:

  • How has the role of mathematics in university engineering education developed in a 20-years perspective? Are there topics and methods that are more important today than earlier and others that are on the way out? How do you find out which parts of introductory first year mathematics that are relevant for a given research area and for a specific bachelor study program, respectively?
  • What impact could and should possible changes in the role of mathematics in engineering education as a whole have on introductory mathematics at a technical university?
Meet, among others:
  • Daniela Velichova, Professor of Mathematics at Slovak University of Technology
  • Michael Lund, TA in Math1 during all the 20 years
  • Martin Vigild, former Dean at DTU
  • Helle Rootzén, former Head of Department, DTU Compute
  • Frode Rønning, Professor at Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU
  • Jan-Fredrik Olsen, Senior lecturer at Mathematics (Faculty of Sciences), University of Lund
  • Martin P. Bendsøe, former Dean at DTU:

Want to participate?
If you are not employed at DTU, contact Karsten Schmidt, ksch@dtu.dk

If you are employed at DTU, find more information at DTU Inside.


Thu 09 Dec 21
8:30 - 16:30


DTU Compute


DTU Lyngby Campus, Building 303A, Aud. 42

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