Opgradering af virksomhedens n√łglemedarbejdere


- By the company's key employees

New inspiration and new knowledge

Does your company, organization or employees need to be quickly updated on trends and tools in computer science? DTU offers a number of opportunities that provide access to the latest knowledge, and which ensure that you can use it to develop your company, your relationships and your products.

We recommend combining different offers from DTU to ensure that new knowledge also creates development in the business. The collaboration opportunities in this category do not place great demands on either finances or your organization's time consumption and therefore most people will also have the opportunity to combine e.g. short continuing education courses for selected employees with networking activities.

Example of a combination of cooperation opportunities

  1. Participate in the DTU High Tech Summit and be updated on the most prominent technological trends. Take part in debating our digital future and be inspired to network or match with exhibitors from the Danish business community, top researchers, students, startups, developers and investors.
  2. Supplement new knowledge about current trends with technical insight. Take a short continuing education course, e.g. in artificial intelligence, machine or deep learning.

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