Innovation cooperation

Development of company and organization

If the need for development in your company or organization is of a more long-term nature, and if the desire for the results of the collaboration with DTU in the field of Computer Science is more extensive, we recommend slightly longer courses that both require more commitment from your organization and provide more far-reaching results. .

A greater commitment gives e.g. opportunity to collaborate with DTU Data Analysis on big data solutions or new software and to connect a diploma engineering intern or business candidate to the project.

Example of a combination of cooperation opportunities

  1. Start by getting DTU Data Analysis to analyze your company/municipality/region's aggregated data from all the organization's activities in order to find patterns that can be used to save costs, raise customer satisfaction, etc.
  2. Make the task of integrating your new knowledge in the operation and development of your organization available for student innovation: Submit e.g. a challenge for Open Innovation X (OI-X) and take a diploma engineer in final internship with a focus on the same task.
  3. Get tailored in-service training of key employees, which ensures that the organization can continue to work with IoT and Big Data in organizational development - even after your involvement with DTU has ended.