PhD School

Every year 40-50 PhD students begin their three year research education at DTU Compute.

PhD Bazaar at DTU Compute
Our PhD students are a diverse group of many different nationalities.

Becoming a PhD a student at DTU Compute

A PhD with DTU Compute is a three-year research education. The studies include completing an independent research project, participation in courses, teaching activities, external research stay in another research environment, and completion of a thesis and defence.

  • As a PhD student at DTU Compute you will be placed in one of our 10 research sections.
  • With a PhD degree you qualify to work as a researcher, to teach at a university, and to work with research and development within industry.
  • It is also possible to aquire an Industrial PhD. These positions are often advertised by private companies.
  • All PhD candidates must be academically approved by the PhD Committee at DTU Compute before they can be enrolled as PhD students.

Being a PhD student at DTU Compute

Every month we have a welcome meeting for our PhD students where you will get to meet the Head of the PhD School and the PhD Coordinator. You will receive important information and get a chance to ask questions relating to the beginning of your PhD studies. You will also be assigned to a Buddy, an experienced PhD student, who will act as your guide during the first two months of your studies.

At DTU Compute we also have two annual Kick-off seminars for all new PhD students where you learn more about being a PhD student, get to network with other PhD students from DTU Compute, and prepare the first steps of your research.

Throughout the year we have a number of different social events for our PhD students. Some events are purely driven by the students, other events are held by the PhD School. Examples of social events are Friday Bar, Data Beer (with PhD students from other universities), Board Games Club, and PhD network lunches with different topics.

Diversity and inclusion at DTU Compute

At DTU Compute we work hard to make all PhD students feel welcome and included.

We have approximately 140-150 PhD students at DTU Compute made up of about 40% female students and 60% male students.

We also enjoy a very international environment. About 50% of our PhD students and research staff are internationals from 19 different countries around the world. For this reason we primarily speak and write in English in all of our communication.

We are currently working with a Living Lab project with Novo Nordisk and Villum Foundation to increase the number of female researchers and ensure that our research environment is inclusive of the many nationalities represented. We also have seminars on diversity issues and a very active diversity group.



Sabrina Spangsdorf

Sabrina Spangsdorf Head of Diversity and PhD Coordinator

Vedrana Andersen Dahl

Vedrana Andersen Dahl Associate Professor