Smart Energy System

New power partnership to improve energy sector forecasts by 10 percent

DTU Compute is joining forces with Ørsted, DMI, ENFOR and several other partners to improve energy forecasts for solar and wind energy in the energy sector. The goal of the project Weather2X is to reduce imbalances and the costs of system services that ensure the production and consumption of green electricity in Denmark.

Wind turbines, Rønbjerg - Skive, Denmark. Photo by James Qualtrough 🇮🇲 on Unsplash


  • Weather2X is supported by the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme in Denmark (EUDP) and involves partners such as ENFOR, DTU Compute, DTU Wind and Energy Systems, DMI, Vattenfall, and Ørsted.
  • Denmark's national energy cluster, Energy Cluster Denmark, facilitates the innovation project, building on experiences from a previous collaboration, the innovation project Eurogrid, where several partners inclusive DTU Compute worked on a digital forecast platform that has saved the energy sector a substantial amount of money.
  • In the new project partnership, Weather2X, the participating companies and researchers will optimize energy forecasts based on the experiences from Eurogrid – and with an increased focus on open datasets between the partners.
  • The natural variation in electricity production from wind and solar leads to high costs for balancing the Danish power grid, according to figures from Energinet (Energinet - the Danish public enterprise, operates and develops Denmark's electricity and gas transmission systems). Society's costs for system services and reserve power, which ensure a stable power system, amounted to DKK 2.7 billion in 2022. According to the partners in Weather2X, better forecasts will reduce these costs, and even minor improvements will lead to significant savings, reducing the expenses of a full transition to a renewable energy system.