Research centres

Some of the research at DTU Compute is carried out within centers associated with the department:

  • Big Data DTU The center is designed to boost research and education within the field of big data

  • IoT Center DTU’s IoT Research Center is part of the Nordic University Hub on Industrial IoT, which is funded by NordForsk during 2018-2023

  • LearnT DTU Research center in Learning Technology, digitalization and evidence from learning. It combines strong competences from statistics, data analysis, machine learning, and software engineering

  • CITIES (Centre for IT–Intelligent Energy Systems in Cities) is a research centre covering all aspects of the energy system, including gas, power, district heating/cooling and biomass, and most importantly methods to forecast, control and optimize their interactions through the use of advanced ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions

  • CACHET (Copenhagen Center for Health) has a strategic objective to strengthen interdisciplinary and cross-organizational research and development within personalized health technology

  • DABAI (Danish Center for Big Data analytics driven innovation) is a partnership between computer science researchers at Copenhagen University, Aarhus University and DTU with a strong track record of research and collaboration with industry