DCAMM seminar - Micropitting in Rolling/Sliding Surfaces

A DCAMM seminar will be presented by

Guillermo E. Morales Espejel
SKF Principal Scientist
AE Houten, The Netherlands




Micropitting is nowadays one of the most common failure modes in lubricated heavily loaded rolling/sliding surfaces, like rolling bearings and gears. Important industrial megatrends like increased power density and reduced power losses have increased the risk of this surface failure mode in tribological surfaces. Modelling of the micropitting phenomenon has many important challenges, since roughness, mixed lubrication and the simulation of millions of load cycles need to be considered in combined fatigue and wear process. The talk will focus on describing the main competitive mechanisms affecting micropitting and will describe in more detail the different elements needed to model this failure mode.  It will end up with applications to rolling bearings and gears.

Danish pastry, coffee and tea will e served 15 minutes before the seminar starts.

All interested persons are invited


Fri 29 Oct 21
9:30 - 10:30



Building 414 - room 061B
Technical University of Denmark