PhD defence by Voica Maria Gavrilut: Design Optimization of IEEE Time-Sensitive Networks (TSN) for Safety-Critical Real-Time Applications

Monday 10 December 2018 at 13:00, DTU Lyngby, Building 101, Room S01.

Supervisor: Professor Paul Pop, DTU Compute
Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Christian D. Jensen, DTU Compute

Professor Jan Madsen, DTU Compute
Associate Professor Moris Behnam, Mälardalen University, Sweden
Associate Professor Flavius Gruian, Lund University, Sweden

Chairman: Associate Professor Nicola Dragoni, DTU Compute

Our society is increasingly digitalized, with computers controlling many systems in areas that may endanger human life or the environment (e.g., airplanes, factories). A large part of the communication within and among these safety - critical systems is done via wired networks. Engineers are currently working to standardize features in Ethernet that provide services needed in safety critical systems. Specifically, the IEEE Time - Sensitive Networ king (TSN) group works to provide reliability and timeliness services by extending Ethernet . The methods to design such a safety - related network are characterized by high complexity and intense software and hardware utilization. The increased complexity in safety - critical systems is supported by the use of Computer - Aided Design (CAD) tools. In this thesis, we have developed methods and tools to decrease the monetary and implementation cost of the TSN - based systems while ensuring the application - specific critical properties, such as timeliness, reliability or fault - to lerance. The proposed methods were evaluated on real - world use cases from areas such as aerospace and automotive . The developed tools can be used by both industrial and academic end - users .


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Mon 10 Dec 18


DTU Compute


DTU Lyngby, Building 101, Room S01