Specialize within Data Science/Big Data

The obtained profile provides thorough competencies in the analysis of massive data, which cover the whole spectrum from data acquisition through storage, analysis and interpretation to the application and presentation of the results.

What massive data is cannot be defined in absolute terms, but depends on the computational power of the platform used. Also issues on data security and privacy are extremely important to handle correctly and ethically in order to unleash the full potential behind data currently generated.

Entry to the profile

The educational profile is most naturally achieved through one of the following DTU master programs, although others may be eligible:

— Computer Science and Engineering

— Mathematical Modelling and Computation 

— Digital Media Engineering 

Mandatory course fulfillments

The profile requires that the student follows at least 45 ECTS out of the courses listed below. Four of the courses must be chosen from the short-list of 7 core-competency courses (until the course on advanced databases is implemented the requirement is: three of the courses must be taken from the short-list of 6 core-competency courses). This ensures that the students take courses outside their master program. The remaining 20-25 (30) ECTS can be chosen freely. The variety of courses allows the student to focus on a certain topic or to become a generalist in the area.

Master thesis

In addition, the topic of M.Sc thesis has to be in the area of data analysis and has to cover at least two of the 4 main topics (Data origins and collection, Data storage, Analytics, Consumers) and show a clear perspective to the whole subject. As a general rule, the thesis should concern a real world data setting – preferably together with an external partner.


The students are expected to have sound basic knowledge in programming, statistics, and algorithms in order to have the prerequisites to follow the relevant courses on the list.

Furthermore, regarding basic business / entrepreneurship knowledge, the course: 41633 Innovation and Product Development is recommended to be taken during the bachelor.

The Value Chain of Data Science and Big Data
The three programs in a broad sense “cover” the figure below in the following way:

Computer Science and Engineering -> leftmost   Mathematical Modelling and Computation -> middle 
Digital Media Engineering -> rightmost 



The general idea behind the profile is to spread the activities within the program to “cover” the full spectrum of competencies in a natural way for a candidate who has specialized in Data Science.

— Recommended course list

Ambitious possibility as M.Sc. student

Bjarne Ersbøll, professor at DTU Compute, koordinator for educational profile Data Science/Big Data

The students following the profile receive a special additional certificate documenting their unique competencies in this field.

Big Data Value Association

Big Data Value Association


Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll
Professor, Head of section
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 34 13


Jakob Andreas Bærentzen
Associate professor
DTU Compute
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Mark Bernhard Riis
Head of Innovation
DTU Compute
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