Seminar on scientific presentations and posters

You now have the chance to learn how to make a good scientific presentation and how to make a good poster. You are all welcome to bring your own posters! (This workshop is a part of the PhD School seminars)

Workshop – presentation techniques and poster design.

This workshop aims to help PhD fellows prepare for the DTU Compute PhD Bazaar. Together with Mark Harvey Simpson from the communication consultancy GlobalDenmark, participants will explore how we can make our presentations effective, our feedback constructive and our posters visually stimulating and informative.

Content: The workshop comprises two parts: the morning session will focus on giving scientific presentations, while the afternoon session addresses scientific poster design and poster presentations.

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Morning session “how to give a scientific presentation”
We will explore the basic elements of an effective scientific presentation. Participants will practise techniques they can incorporate into their presentations for the PhD Bazar.
We will work on the following issues:

  • Defining your key message
  • Identifying your audience – and creating relevance for them
  • Creating an effective structure
  • Visual aids - how to use them and what to avoid
  • Using your voice and body language
  • English for presentations - useful phrases
  • Psychological factors - the presenter and the audience
  • Dealing with questions

Participants should prepare a one-minute pitch about themselves and their research.

Afternoon session “how to make a scientific poster”
We will look at the key elements that must be included in a poster. We will also look at how to present a poster orally. Participants will be invited to make a draft poster prior to the workshop; the audience and instructor will evaluate the posters using a scorecard. We will use a feedback method that ensures participants give structured, precise and constructive feedback.

By giving and receiving feedback, participants will enhance their poster design skills.

Issues we will address include:

  • Defining the poster’s key messages
  • Identifying relevance for your audience
  • Keeping the poster visual
  • Minimising text
  • Writing effective headlines
  • Guiding the viewer, creating an effective poster structure
  • Visuals - how to use them and what to avoid
  • Giving structured, constructive feedback on posters

Participants are invited to bring posters for the afternoon session. These posters may be draft or finished versions.

Lectures are part of a series of seminars organized by the PhD school at DTU Compute, and part of course 02949 DTU Compute PhD seminars.

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For registration, please contact Pia Lauridsen.

All are welcome!



Wed 11 Apr 18
10:00 - 14:30


DTU Compute


DTU Compute, Building 324/030