Meet DTU Compute lecture by Barbara Weber: Bringing the Human into the Loop

Barbara Weber is professor at DTU Compute and Head of Section for Software Engineering.

The increasing availability of neuro-physiological measurement devices at an always lower cost and with a decreasing level of intrusiveness, bears a so far mostly untapped potential for the software engineering (SE) field both from a theoretical and from an applied perspective. This includes the development of neuro-adaptive software that responds to the emotional and cognitive state of the user, but also provides the basis for a more in-depth understanding of the challenges that occur when interacting with or developing software artifacts. While there is a substantial potential of using neuro-physiological measurement devices in SE, there are significant challenges that require inter-disciplinary efforts to be addressed. In this presentation I will talk about the broader vision of using neuro-physiological measurement devices within the field of software engineering, discuss associated challenges, and present some of my ongoing efforts at the intersection of software engineering, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience

Meet DTU Computeis a series of lectures that offers friendly introductions to hot research topics at DTU Compute given by local experts. The lectures are co-organized together with the DTU Compute Research Academy and PhD School.

Each session starts with lunch (sandwiches) 12:30-13, and for that reason it is necessary to sign up by email to Pia Lauridsen, Everybody is welcome to attend.


Fri 03 Nov 17
12:30 - 14:00


DTU Compute


DTU, building 306, room 34