DTU Compute, Richard Petersens Plads, Kgs. Lyngby

Meet DTU Compute Lecture by Jan Madsen: Programming Life

Meet DTU Compute lecture by professor Jan Madsen: Programming Life, 15th September, building 303A, auditorium 43, 12.30-14.00.  


Computer programming is often thought of as programming advanced electronic platforms to process large amounts of data and control sophisticated mechanical machines - but in the future it may be miniaturised biochemical laboratories and even the machinery of life itself! Based on the silicon technology from which our computers were born, I will present research in building and programming micro- and nanosystems using living technologies.

“Meet DTU Compute” is a series of lectures that offers friendly introductions to hot research topics at DTU Compute given by local experts. The lectures are co-organized together with the DTU Compute Research Academy and PhD School.

Each session starts with lunch (sandwiches) 12:30-13, and for that reason it is necessary to sign up by email to Pia Lauridsen, plau@dtu.dk



Thu 15 Sep 16
12:30 - 14:00


DTU Compute


DTU Compute, building 303A, auditorium 43