Meet DTU Compute lecture by Christian D. Jensen: On the Borders of Cyber Security

Meet DTU Compute lecture by Associate Professor Christian D. JensenOn the Borders of Cyber Security.


As society becomes increasingly dependent on information technologies, we are slowly realizing the importance of cyber security. Traditional computer security models and mechanisms do not adequately address the challenges faced when billions of interacting systems are coming online.

In this talk, we explore some of the security challenges faced in the connected world of today and examine possible ways to address these challenges through new security models and mechanisms that incorporate context-awareness and promises (almost) configuration free security.

Thus, the talk will examine where the current borders of cyber security and present some directions for future work that will support the ways humans live with technology.

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Thu 20 Apr 17
12:30 - 14:00


DTU Compute


DTU Compute, building 303/43