Workshop: Imaging with Uncertainty Quantification (IUQ)

Imaging is everywhere in science and technology, and often there is a need for assessing the uncertainty of the reconstructions due to measurement noise, model errors, etc. We see an increasing interest in performing uncertainty quantification (UQ) for imaging applications, and for making such methods readily useful in applications.


This workshop aims at bringing together specialists in UQ for imaging, and we invite talks that cover various aspects related to the development of theorymethodology and software. We also welcome talks about interesting applications of UQ in imaging. The goal is to stimulate networking and collaboration between researchers and students in these areas.


Before the workshop, we arrange a 1-day short course devoted to the Python software CUQIpy that we are currently developing for modeling and computations related to UQ for imaging.


For more details about the workshop, and to register, go to the IUQ Workshop homepage.


The workshop and training course are part of the activities in the research project CUQI, Computational Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse problems, funded by The Villum Foundation.


tir 27 sep 22 9:00 -
tor 29 sep 22 16:00


DTU Compute



Conference Center Konventum, Helsingør