The teaching of the mathematics section aims at introducing our research areas for the students, focusing both on basic theory and engineering applications.

Most courses are primarily aimed at the Bachelor in Mathematics andTechnology and the Master in Mathematical Modelling and Computation, but are also suitable for the mathematically inclined student on other study lines.

The section also runs Mathematicum: a mathematics inspiratorium for high school students: www.matematicum.dtu.dk.

Course no.      Title Points (ECTS) Timetable group
01018 Diskret matematik 2: algebra 5 E3B
01025 Matematik 2 for Matematik og Teknologi 5 E1A
01237 Differentialgeometri og parametrisk design 5 E4B
01257 Videregående modellering - anvendt matematik 5 January
01325 Funktionsrum og matematisk analyse 5 F5B
01405 Algebraiske Fejlrettende Koder 5 F4B
01415 Computational Discrete Mathematics 5 E5B
01617 Introduktion til Dynamiske Systemer 5 E3B
01715 Funktionalanalyse 5 E4B
01716 Videregående emner i anvendt funktionalanalyse 5 F3A