Hanne Riis Nielson

I am a Full Professor in Computer Science and Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. Additionally I am Head of the Section on Formal Methods.

My current research interests are within the development and use of formal techniques for analysing Safety and Security of programs and models; including models expressed in various process calculi. 


The motivation behind my research has been the use of formal theories for modelling, analysing and reasoning about IT-systems. My main contributions are within the areas Attribute Grammars, Proof Systems for Program Properties, Type and Effect Systems and, more generally, Static Program Analysis. In short, these areas represent a wide variety of approaches to analysing and reasoning about computer programs and models and they cover semantics as well as algorithmic techniques. Furthermore, I have studied the interplay between Static Analysis and Model Checking.

Much of my work has been carried out as part of Danish and European research projects. Currently I participate in the following research projects:

  • IDEA4CPS: a Danish-Chinese research center on Foundations of Cyber- Physical Systems funded by the Danish Natural Research Foundation. 




Flemming Nielson, Hanne Riis Nielson, Chris Hankin

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Springer, 2005
ISBN 3-540-65410-0
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Hanne Riis Nielson, Flemming Nielson

Semantics with Applications: An Appertizer

Springer, 2007
ISBN 978-1-84628-691-9
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Flemming Nielson, Hanne Riis Nielson

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Torben Amtoft, Flemming Nielson, Hanne Riis Nielson

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Imperial College Press, 1999
ISBN 1-86094-154-0




Books edited by Hanne Riis Nielson

  • European Symposium on Programming - ESOP 1996 proceedings, LNCS 1058, Springer
  • Principles of Programming Languages - POPL 2001 proceedings, ACM press
  • Transactions on Computational Systems Biology, LNCS 4230, Springer
  • Static Analysis - SAS 2007 proceedings, LNCS 4634, Springer
  • Secure IT-systems - NadSec 2013 proceedings, LNCS 8208, Springer




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I am involved in three courses:


  • Program Analysis (02242): a masters course where I give an introduction to program analysis (mainly based on our book on Principles of Program Analysis).

Additionally, I am supervising MSc and PhD projects -- if you are interested, please contact me.


Currently I am PhD supervisor for:

  • Panagiotis Vasilikos (2016): Abstract Interpretation for Secure Information Flow


Previous PhD student at DTU:

  • Mikael Buchholtz (2005): Automated analysis of security in networking systems

  • Terkel Tolstrup (2007): Language based security for VHDL

  • Henrik Pilegaard (2007): Language based techniques for systems biology

  • Han Gao (2008): Analysis of security protocols by annotations

  • Christoffer R. Nielsen (2009): A verifiable language for cryptographic protocols

  • Fan Yang (2010): Aspects with program analysis for security policies

  • Ender Yüksel (2011): Quantitative and qualitative security analysis for ZigBee wireless sensor networks

  • Nataliya Skrypnyuk (2011): Verification of stochastic process calculi

  • Alejandro Hernandez (2012): Distributed security in closed distributed systems

  • Piotr Filipuik (2012): A succinct approach to static analysis and model checking

  • Fuyuan Zhang (2012): Model checking as static analysis

  • Michal Terepete (2010): An algebraic approach to analysis of recursive and concurrent programs

  • Carroline Ramli (2010): Modelling and Analyzing Access Control Policies in XACML 3.0

  • Roberto Vigo (2011): Availability by Design - A Complementary Approach to Denial-of-Service

  • Alessandro Bruni (2012): Analysis of Security Protocols in Embedded Systems

  • Ximeng Li (2012): Fine-grained Information Flow for Concurrent Computation

  • Omar Almousa (2012): Security Protocols: Specification, Verification, Implementation, and Composition


Professor Hanne Riis Nielson

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The Technical University of Denmark

Richard Petersens Plads

Building 324, Room 181

DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby



phone +45 45 25 37 36

email hrni(a)dtu.dk