Secure Societies

Smart and Secure Societies

Smart Societies

Smart societies creates, by means of digital methods, models and technologies, and by utilizing all the available data, new solutions to known and future challenges as regards residing, working, and living in our society. Our research contributes to the development of intelligent societies, including Smart Cities. In addition, many of our solutions have been prototyped and demonstrated in connection with Center Denmark.

Examples: Smart grids for the effective integration of renewable, but fluctuating, energy sources (wind and solar), smart and integrated energy systems, intelligent buildings, transport, and network science such as social networks. DTU Compute works together with a number of Smart Cities projects, both in Denmark and internationally.

Secure Societies

DTU Compute has established itself as the principal IT security centre of excellence in Denmark covering a multitude of security topics from crypto and system security to privacy and data protection, with a strong foundation in mathematics and computer science.