Committee members

The committee consists of VIP members across 5 different sections at DTU Compute, and two members from Administration/ITS.

Section for Cognitive Systems

Ivana Konvalinka, Assistant Professor (chair of the IRB) (Currently of leave)

Lars Kai Hansen, Professor, head of section

Per Bækgaard, Associate professor

Tobias Andersen, Associate professor.


Algorithms, Logic and Graphs

Paul Fischer, Associate professor, head of section


Visual Computing

Tim B. Dyrby, Associate professor


Software and Process Engineering

Andrea Burattinm Associate professor

Ekkart Kindler, Associate Professor


Statistics and Data Analysis

Sofie Pødenphant Jensen, Assistant Professor



Lene Hogg, IT administrator

Henning Christiansen, Head of IT (vice chair of the IRB - acting chairman)




Ivana Konvalinka
Associate Professor
DTU Compute


Henning Christiansen
Head of IT and DTU Computing Center
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 30 02