IUTAM symposium on Dynamics and Topology of Vorticity and Vortices, June 13 – 16 2017, Carry-le-Rouet, Marseille, France




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Vorticity is one of the most important physical quantities in fluid mechanics. Boundary layers, wakes, turbulence, and many other phenomena owe their presence to, and are essentially defined by, vorticity.

Vorticity tends to organize itself into vortices, regions of concentrated vorticity, and understanding the interaction, creation and destruction of vortices gives fundamental insights into the dynamics of the fluid.

Vortices occur on all scales in nature in both laminar and turbulent flows: in micro-scale flows in laboratory equipment; in arteries where they can be generated by a stenosis; in flows around wings of insects, birds and airplanes; in the flow of the atmosphere around islands, including a clearly observable and spectacular vortex structure in Jupiter’s atmosphere behind the great red spot.

In the mathematical description of vortices, topology has played an important role. In an ideal fluid, the linkage structure of vortex lines remains invariant under time evolution, but may change if viscosity is present. In general, a topological approach to understand qualitative changes in the structure of fluid flows has proved to very useful, whether it is applied to the physical space or to the abstract phase space which describes the dynamics.

The symposium will aim at linking researchers who work with qualitative methods such as topology to those who focus on numerical and experimental approaches. The symposium will cover all aspects and applications of vortex dynamics, including biological problems such as locomotion and physiology, industrial applications in wind turbine aerodynamics and other machinery as well as geophysical problems.