Open-access data platform for behavioural monitoring and visual analytics for mental health

Giovanna Nunes Vilaza: A platform is being implemented for open-access data collection, sharing, and visual analytics of behavioural data collected from wearable and mobile sensors with a particular focus on mental health.

Ultimately, it will allow researchers to share clinically collected behavioural data, and run standardised analytics on it, thus enabling researchers to find patterns in mental disorders across a large number of patients, and also supporting rigorous replication.

This project will focus on the interaction design of this platform, taking a human-centered design approach and actively engaging researchers, practitioners and clinicians. One fundamental aspect will be the design of data visualisation features , which should allow users to efficiently and effectively get insights from visual representations of the data. Another core focus of the project is to investigate how to design for the delicate balance between providing researchers with maximum insight while preserving patient/subject privacy.

The contribution of the project is not only deploying and integrating the platform but also to investigate and propose methods, guidelines, frameworks and tools to be used by future designers of data analytics tool. Engaging real users on the design process offers the advantage of foreseeing potential adoption and usability issues early on. Besides, evaluations can benefit from the investigation of how people make sense of information.

The research work will be rooted in empirical work in the design and implementation of the UX of the CACHET Research Platform, which is being used in several CACHET research projects, including the ITN TEAM project in which this PhD project takes part.

PhD project by Giovanna Nunes Vilaza

Section: Embedded systems

Principal supervisor: Jakob Bardram

Title of project: Open-access data platform for behavioural monitoring and visual analytics for mental health

Effective start/end date 15/10/2018 → 14/10/2021


Giovanna Nunes Vilaza
PhD student
DTU Health Tech
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Jakob Eyvind Bardram
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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