Long-Term Security for Big Data

Andreas Brasen Kidmose: Keeping data confidential and authentic for a long time, i.e., up to 100 years, is challenging. Computers get faster all the time, at least for now, and attackers get smarter, which means the cryptographic algorithms we use today could be broken. On such a long time scale we even need to foresee the possibility of an adversary with a large quantum computer, which will break or weaken many of the algorithms that are considered state-of-the-art today.

However, the rise of “Big Data” presents us with new challenges. The huge data sets can include personal data, which will need to be secured for the entire life-span of the person. In addition we will need to verify the authenticity of the data sets, i.e., that the source is correct and that no one altered the data, before we use the data.

Therefore it is important, as a society, to develop new tools and algorithms to ensure our data can be stored securely in the future. To accomplish this we need to explore new ways of designing and attacking algorithms. That is the focus of this project.

PhD project title: Long-Term Security for Big Data

Effective start/end date 15/01/2018 → 14/01/2021

Supervisors: Lars Ramkilde Knudsen (Main) from the section for Cyber Security, and Birger Andersen (Co-supervisor)

PhD project by Andreas Brasen Kidmose

Research section: Cyber Security

Principal supervisor: Lars Ramkilde Knudsen

Co-supervisors: Birger Andersen

Title of project: Long-Term Security for Big Data

Project start: 15/01/2018 → 14/01/2021


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