Sune Lehmann Jørgensen. Photo credit Mikal Schlosser
07 JUL

Sune Lehmann: Freedom, community and immersion are the cornerstones of a good...

This year’s research environment award goes to the interdisciplinary research group Social Complexity Lab at DTU and the University of Copenhagen. Professor Sune Lehmann...

Information technology Mathematics
TEF launch June 27, 2032. Photo: Hanne Kokkegård - DTU Compute
27 JUN

Europe launches massive AI test facilities

A €220m investment launching on 27 June provides a permanent capacity to deliver responsible AI in Europe by testing solutions before they hit the market and become a...

Lab on a chip prototype
13 JUN

Cyber systems collaboration could help bring "lab on a chip" into the real world

Getting a complex piece of hardware to work with all the variables of the real world is difficult. But through a DIREC-project collaboration, Luca Pezzarossa got much closer...

Information technology Mathematics Medicine and medico technology Biotechnology and biochemistry
01 JUN

Life of a Scientist, Uffe Høgsbro Thygesen

Uffe usually teaches at DTU. Recently, however, the trip went to Greenland, where the students could see how his teaching relates to reality.

Benny Box - Climify
25 MAY

Healthy indoor climate begins with data

Sensors, software, and user feedback can create a better indoor climate and savings on electricity and heating bills. The DTU spinout Climify takes the gut feeling out...

DTU Chip Day 2023. Credit DTU Compute
28 APR

Everybody's talking about chip production!

For years the Danish microchip industry has lacked engineers. So the joy of a stuffed auditorium filled with potential chip-design students was palpable. In general interest...

31 MAR

Flexible Energy Denmark: We can and should improve the use of renewable energy

The digitalisation project Flexible Energy Denmark has proven the value of data liberationacross energy systems. The project has also increased our understanding of how...

Energy Information technology Mathematics
Line Clemmensen, lektor på DTU Compute. Credit: DTU Compute
29 MAR

Can AI change how we treat OCD and other mental illnesses?

DTU researchers hope to shorten waiting lists, so children can get answers and treatment sooner. And they hope their findings can help treat disorders like OCD directly...

Information technology Mathematics Health and diseases
 Lektor på DTU Compute Anders Stockmarr og Anne Frølich,  klinisk professor på Københavns Universitet og centerleder af Videns- og forskningscenter for multisygdom og kronisk sygdom ved Slagelse Sygehus. Credit: Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
03 MAR

Report on multimorbidity calls for increased prevention

Danes are living for longer and longer, and this may challenge the healthcare system in the future. A prediction made by DTU, University of Copenhagen and the Research...

Information technology Mathematics
27 FEB

An interdisciplinary collaboration hopes to revolutionise X-ray in 3D

Revolutionary x-ray sources and collaboration across disciplines will create the possibility of seeing 3D structures in the body's cells and characterizing tissue samples...

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