Uddeling af Ole Rømer Guldmedaljen 2022. Fra venstre rektor på DTU Anders Bjarklev, rektor på Københavns Universitet Henrik C. Wegener, professor Carsten Thomassen, DTU Compute. Foto: Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
21 NOV

Carsten Thomassen receives the Ole Rømer Medal

It is an honour for DTU, and the award means extra to the DTU Compute professor because his colleagues nominated him.

Information technology Mathematics
07 NOV

Pola's research bridges the gap between AI and ethics

The spread of Machine Learning makes it necessary to connect technology and ethical aspects, says the researcher, who has developed a model to create trustworthy artificial...

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 The National Archives (UK), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
01 NOV

Utilize waste heat from data centers in district heating

A new report from the Cool-Data project sheds light on the possibilities for utilizing flexibility and waste heat from data centers in Denmark. DTU's researchers answer...

Mathematics Information technology Energy
Digital Tech Summit 2022, kredit Mikal Schlosser
31 OCT

Technology resilience requires close cooperation

At the tech event Digital Tech Summit, industry and universities shared knowledge about solutions that can help Europe through societal challenges.

Mathematics Information technology
The best thesis in computer science 2021 was written at DTU Compute  Aleksander B. G. Christiansen has won the thesis prize for his master's project in graph theory. Danish Industry, IDA and the universities are behind the award. Supervisor Eva Rotenberg (left) & Aleksander. Credit: Mikal Schlosser
26 OCT

Aleksander's thesis has been awarded as the best of the year

Aleksander B. G. Christiansen's thesis in graph theory wins the award as best master thesis in computer science in 2021.

Mathematics Information technology
Henrik Madsen, Professor at DTU Compute. Credit Mikal Schlosser
24 OCT

Should our energy system be digital?

Professor Henrik Madsen estimates that digitization and flexibility, which are two crucial ingredients in the future energy system, are already possible to a large extent...

Energy Mathematics Information technology
14 OCT

Carsten Thomassen receives the Ole Rømer Medal 2022

Professor Carsten Thomassen in the Section for Algorithms, Logic and Graphs at DTU Compute, is awarded the Ole Rømer Gold Medal 2022 for his outstanding research efforts...

DTU Compute har blandt andet arbejdet med varmestyring i Tingbjerg i Københavns Kommune. Foto: Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
05 OCT

DTU develops new tools for energy savings

A Danish/Swedish project has created new tools and methods for working with energy planning, energy management, and energy renovation.

Energy Information technology Mathematics
85 AI-forskere har netop været samlet i to dage  til på Carlsberg Akademi. Foto: Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
19 SEP

Denmark gathers the AI elite to strengthen Europe's research environment

Small is good. DTU and KU have created the sought-after and completely sold-out workshop, which goes against the stream and provides space for real knowledge sharing...

Information technology Mathematics
09 SEP

Energy crisis: Data helps us save energy

Behavioral change, digital solutions, and energy data in real time can help us reach the climate goal and get through the energy crisis more easily.

Energy Information technology Mathematics

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