As a student at DTU, Sara Sterlie has analysed ChatGPT and revealed that the online service is extremely stereotypical when it comes to gender roles. Photo: Frida Gregersen
20 MAR

Researchers surprised by gender stereotypes in ChatGPT

A DTU student has analysed ChatGPT and revealed that the online service is extremely stereotypical when it comes to gender roles. The analysis is the first step towards...

Information technology Mathematics Medicine and medico technology
Professor Søren Hauberg at DTU Compute. Photo: Hanne Kokkegård
20 MAR

200-year-old math helps us understand AI

We can’t always explain what is going on inside artificial intelligence – these unknown processes are concealed in what is known as a black box. A professor at DTU has...

Mathematics Information technology
The black wristband was worn by the children during the pilot trail. The next version of Wrist Angel will look like a regular sports watch. Photo: DTU.
20 MAR

AI wristband may be an effective tool in future child and adolescent psychiatry

A digital wristband that can predict obsessive thought episodes in children and adolescents with OCD using AI has shown good results in a pilot trail.

Information technology Mathematics Medicine and medico technology
Aarhus City Lab is testing an autonomous robot. Photo: ITK, Aarhus Kommune.
13 MAR

DTU crash tests products based on artificial intelligence

Using a wide range of physical and virtual testing facilities across the EU, companies and authorities can test products based on artificial intelligence. The aim is to...

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Aasa Feragen er professor på DTU Compute, Foto: Bax Lindhardt
08 MAR

DTU Compute Professor appointed Innowoman 2024

Professor Aasa Feragen, DTU Compute, has been appointed as one of this year's Innowomen by Innovation Fund Denmark.

Medicine and medico technology Mathematics Information technology
Mi Jung Park, credit Rasmus Stig Beck Jensen
09 FEB

Mi Jung Park's research could make her startup dream come true

DTU's startup system helps build companies based on research knowledge and supports researchers in creating a successful dual career path in research and entrepreneurship...

Information technology Mathematics
Joshua Sortino, Unsplash
01 FEB

Europe launches €30 Million initiative for cross-sectorial pilots in Data Spaces...

European governments at all levels, alongside their service providers, are encouraged to apply for participation in pilot programs aimed at sharing cross-sectorial data...

Mathematics Information technology
31 JAN

Cities receive support in creating positive energy districts

Cities play a crucial role in the implementation of climate and energy policies. Many have demonstrated a remarkable commitment and progress towards net zero carbon emissions...

Energy Information technology Mathematics Construction and mechanics
19 DEC

Artificial intelligence can predict events in people's lives

Artificial intelligence can analyze registry data on people's residence, education, income, health and working conditions and predict life events with high accuracy.

Mathematics Information technology
The flavour impressions were collected through a series of wine-tasting events. The wines were anonymized and each wine was labelled with a color and a number. Each participant was given a combination of wines to taste.  KU/DTU Compute
04 DEC

Researchers have taught an algorithm to 'taste'

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENC Incorporating human tastes into artificial intelligence makes it easier for wine buyers thirsting for the right wine. Researchers at the University...

Food, fish and agriculture Information technology Mathematics

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