Børsen Tech and High Tech Summit: Artificial intelligence is going to improve the world

Tuesday 29 Oct 19


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Nordic Safe AI at High Tech Summit

You can meet Lars Kai Hansen and Thomas Bolander at the High Tech Summit at DTU, where they discus the potential, risks and guidelines for AI - and whether we can create a special Nordic version of AI focusing on security, democracy and openness.

Program and registration for the High Tech Summit

Børsen Tech this week has focused on the High Tech Summit, which will take place at DTU on 30-31 October, and the newspaper brings interviews with significant profiles from leading research communities. The message from DTU Compute scientists is clear: Artificial intelligence is going to improve the world.

The research environment on artificial intelligence at DTU Compute is shared between the sections Cognitive Systems with Professor Lars Kai Hansen in front, and Algorithms, Logistics and Graphs with Professor Thomas Bolander at the front seat. The two professors in Børsen Tech talk about High Tech Summit and their research on artificial intelligence in the article "Leading in artificial intelligence."

Intensive basic research is the key

In the article, Professor Lars Kai Hansen states:"Through many years of intensive basic research, we have contributed to the fact that machine learning is now the key technology in artificial intelligence." The many years of work with machine learning has contributed to a much better understanding of sound and images, which has been of great importance for methods in, for example, medical images, where DTU researchers were first to use machine learning to interpret brain scans.

Artificial intelligence can save lives and much more

Today, working with machine learning and artificial intelligence has created the foundation for many start ups, which can help save lives and much more. With the help of artificial intelligence, the company Corti helps the emergency room operators to diagnose and send help, by identifying patterns in the conversation. BrainCapture is another start up that helps doctors in third world countries diagnose children and adults with epilepsy by using DTU's smartphone brain scanner. Spectral Experience is a start up working with image processing, which, when using augmented reality, creates a greenscreen effect. Spectral was acquired by Apple in 2018.

International cutting edge

About artificial intelligence, Professor Thomas Bolander states in the article that “there is no doubt that we have international cutting edge in this field. We have a large research environment at a large department, and we are successful because here at DTU we have gathered the mathematics, the applied mathematics and computer science, and thus we have created the foundation for the impressive results.” Bolander refers to digitalization, automation, robots and processes, and that it is about looking ahead in terms of the use of artificial intelligence.

Børsen Tech offers several articles on artificial intelligence, IoT and big data, and e.g. tells the story of the Widex game changer hearing aid; Widex Evoke. Head of Artificial Intelligence at WS Audiology, Jens Brehm Nielsen, who helped develop the hearing aid, is a trained civil engineer specializing in electrical technology from DTU, and has a PhD in computer science and machine learning with Professor Jan Larsen from Cognitive Systems as supervisor.

Today the demand for engineers specializing in artificial intelligence is growing so DTU Compute has, with great success in the summer of 2018, opened for the first time for admission to a bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data.

High Tech Summit is the leading Nordic high-tech fair and it takes place at DTU 30-31 October. Read more and register at 

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