DFF grants ensure breadth and diversity in Danish research

Friday 11 Oct 19


Per B. Brockhoff
Professor, Head of department
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 33 65

About DFF

Independent Research Fund Denmark funds specific research activities within all scientific areas that are based on the researchers' own initiatives and that improve the quality and internationalisation of Danish research.

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Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF) has awarded 6 research projects in Digital Technologies to researchers at DTU Compute. For a total amount of just under DKK 17 million Denmark will gain new knowledge for the benefit of the entire society, e.g. on how we can gain greater understanding in big data volumes, in bias and fairness in medicine, in analyzing large changeable networks, providing deep neural networks with background knowledge to distinguish e.g. in diagnostics, missing data imputation using deep generative models, and optimization of Raman spectroscopy for use in e.g. food and medicine.

“We are very pleased to be able to contribute to DFF's digital initiative and would recommend similar initiatives in the future. I am especially pleased with the diversity and breadth of the projects at DTU Compute. It supports DTU Compute's strategic focus on the synergy between mathematics, data science and computer science and the interaction with the people for whom the digital technology is for," says DTU Compute's Head of Department, Professor Per B. Brockhoff, on the granted DTU Compute research projects.


The 6 awarded projects in Digital technologies

DFF-Research project 1/ Thematic research

Adaptive Compressed Computation

Receiver Associate professor Inge Li Gørtz

Granted amount
2.875.994 DKK



Bias and fairness in medicine

Receiver Professor Aasa Feragen-Hauberg

Granted amount
2.699.194 DKK



Dynamic Network Analysis

Receiver Assistant professor Eva Rotenberg

Granted amount
2.770.430 DKK


Few-shot generative models

Receiver Professor Ole Winther

Granted amount
2.616.792 DKK


Missing data imputation using deep generative models

Receiver Associate professor Jes Frellsen

Granted amount
2.876.001 DKK


Towards real time Raman molecular imaging of living organisms

Receiver Associate professor Mikkel Nørgaard Schmidt

Granted amount
2.771.058 DKK

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