Admissions to DTU study programmes remain solid

Thursday 28 Jul 22

DTU Compute 2022

Bachelor of Science

  • Artificial Intelligence and Data - 90 students
  • Mathematics and Technology - 72 students
  • Software Technology - 98 students

Bachelor of Engineering

  • IT and Economics - 120 students
  • Software Technology - 50 students
  • Computer Engineering - 41 students

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A total of 2,346 new students have been offered a place at DTU in the coming academic year—a decrease of just 2 per cent on last year.

Text: Miriam Meister

In a year characterized by a marked reduction in applications to higher education across Denmark, today has seen a total of 2,346 new students offered places at DTU. Despite the overall decline in the number of applications to DTU amounting to 8 per cent compared with figures for 2021, the number of students admitted has only decreased by 2 per cent, according to freshly published figures for higher education admissions.

“I am so pleased that in the new academic year we will have an almost full house, because the world continues to need talented and qualified engineers who can help to create technologies for sustainable change and help us make a success of the green transition,” says DTU’s Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student affairs, Senior Vice President, Lars D. Christoffersen.


He says that the nationwide fall in admissions to higher education was fully expected: “After two years of the pandemic and travel restrictions, it’s only natural that more young people are taking the opportunity to take a year or two out in order to satisfy their urge to travel.”


Admissions of female students at DTU remain at 35 per cent of places on undergraduate programmes, and 29 per cent of places on BEng programmes.

“DTU is actively working to ensure diversity among its students and staff, so I’m delighted to see yet again that so many women have applied to our programmes this year,” says Lars D. Christoffersen.


Popular new study programme 


This year, DTU has offered a study place to a total of 1,381 new BSc Eng students compared to 1,416 last year, and a total of 965 BEng students compared to 970 last year. This will result in a full house on every undergraduate programme bar one.


It also means that DTU’s newest undergraduate programme, Life Science Engineering, which was launched last year following the merger of the Biotechnology, Human Life Science Engineering, and Quantitative Biology and Disease Modelling programmes will run with a full complement of students this year.


As was the case last year, out of all ofDTU’s study programmes, it once again required the highest possible grade point average to get on to the General Engineering programme. It closed with a minimum grade point average for admission of 9.7. Furthermore, this was the DTU programme to attract the most first priority applications.


More generally, the lower rates of application have seen decreases in the minimum grade point average for admission on most programmes.


Study places remain available on 10 out of the 18 BEng programmes. This includes the two programmes offered by DTU in Greenland’s Sisimiut. In sharp contrast to last year which saw all places filled, this year places have been offered to just 16 new students out of a total of 48 places available on the programmes that equip students to work as engineers in extreme climates.


“This is very troubling. Climate change is having particularly grave consequences on Arctic regions which is why there is a big - and rising - demand for engineers who can work on civil engineering projects atop thawing permafrost, and engineers who are able to work on sustainable fishery catching new species,” emphasizes Lars D. Christoffersen.

DTU will welcome the many new engineering students on Friday 19 August. Over the weekend and the following week, they will be given a broad introduction to the engineering programme.

The new academic year starts on Monday 29 August, which is also when classes start for all DTU students.


Apply to unfilled study places from 28 July

At DTU, 25 out of the total 36 programmes offered are full, and no places are thus available on these programmes. From Thursday 28 July 2022, applicants are welcome to apply for available study places on one of the programmes where on which places are still available via (site in Danish).

The deadline for applications is 7 August, and applicants will be notified on 16 August whether they have been admitted.


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