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Lars Maaløe appointed adjunct associate professor at DTU

Monday 21 Dec 20


Lars Maaløe
Honorary Associate Professor
DTU Compute

The appointment of Lars Maaløe as adjunct associate professor at DTU strengthens its valuable work on artificial intelligence with the addition of a unique Danish talent in AI research and development.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that Lars Maaløe has been appointed adjunct associate professor at DTU. Lars is a completely unique Danish talent within research and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. He has already made major contributions to research, and he is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the exceptionally successful Danish AI medtech company Corti,” says Head of Department, Professor Per B. Brockhoff, DTU Compute.

Lars Maaløe took a PhD from DTU Compute, writing his thesis on “Deep generative models for semi-supervised machine learning”. His research work falls within what is known as deep learning – algorithms that learn both representations and decision processes from data.

DTU Compute has already benefitted from Lars Maaløe’s enthusiasm for research and teaching, and Maaløe is looking forward to expanding this collaboration.

“Ever since my PhD I have enjoyed a close relationship with the great research centre that DTU Compute represents. Since I co-founded my company, Corti, this collaboration has continued with various research projects in deep neural networks and general machine learning. Modern technological development is so complex that, if you want to develop high-tech solutions, you have to maintain close ties to the research establishments. If you don’t, you can’t stay at the forefront internationally,” says Lars Maaløe.

"Modern technological development is so complex that, if you want to develop high-tech solutions, you have to maintain close ties to the research establishments. If you don’t, you can’t stay at the forefront internationally."
Lars Maaløe

Interplay between applied research and industry

Within research and teaching at DTU Compute, Lars Maaløe has already participated in a number of research collaborations, acted as co-supervisor on several projects and contributed to many courses, projects and seminars. His input to the successful Deep Learning course was crucial, and he has also contributed to the students’ ‘subject package’ projects which form part of DTU’s new BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data. Maaløe believes it is absolutely vital to link research and industry together, which is why his appointment as adjunct associate professor is especially important for him.

“I am very honoured to have this opportunity to be part of more research and more of the resulting breakthroughs. I find it interesting to assist in the interplay between applied research and the needs and uses in industry. It also means a lot to me to be able to share these insights with capable students, because we need more smart minds with a deep understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence. That is what really delights me,” says Maaløe.

Technology that can save lives

As CTO and co-founder of the AI medtech company Corti, Lars Maaløe is a shining example of how to work on the development of artificial intelligence so it can be used to create technology that saves lives. Lars Maaløe’s research into machine learning has helped him in the work of launching Corti, which offers healthcare professionals a voice-based AI platform to analyse patient interviews. This enables the operators at the alarm centre to diagnose and send out the right help using artificial intelligence. The system identifies patterns in calls to the alarm centre and alerts the operator to acute situations such as cardiac arrest.

“Lars Maaløe is an exceptional and productive talent, and as an adjunct associate professor at DTU he will make a unique contribution to DTU’s research and teaching within AI and machine learning. Lars is a fantastic role model in many ways, inspiring our students to produce excellent research and innovation, not to mention an entrepreneurial mindset,” says Per B. Brockhoff.

Lars Maaløe will be an adjunct associate professor at DTU for a period of five years to 23 November 2025. We look forward to continuing and expanding our good work together.


Photo: Ingeniøren

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