Artificial pancreas

DTU Compute in race for artificial pancreas

Tuesday 10 Dec 13


John Bagterp Jørgensen
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 30 88
A DTU Compute research group will publish all their research details in the hope of becoming the first to launch an artificial pancreas on the market.

A group of DTU Compute researchers has joined forces with Hvidovre Hospital and the company Medtronic to develop an artificial pancreas that continuously and automatically administers the correct volume of insulin. This reduces the risk of consequential illnesses from diabetes and allows people suffering from Type 1 diabetes to live an almost completely normal life. The artificial pancreas is continuously under development.

Next step

The next step in the development of the artificial pancreas is to find out how the blood sugar of diabetics may be adjusted during the day where such factors as exercise and meals are the challenge.

The research group is working on a possible solution. They will incorporate the artificial hormone glucagon in the pump of the artificial pancreas.

Why open source?

The research group will make their data, models and algorithms public. Consequently, their research will easily reach various companies which may continue their research.

By going open source the DTU Compute research group may involve more people in the development of the artificial pancreas and create growth and development in Denmark.

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