PhD defence by Matteo Raffaelli: The geometry of generalized flat ribbons

Friday 25 January 2019, at 13.00, The Technical University of Denmark, Building 303A, Auditorium 45

Principal supervisor: Professor Steen Schyum Markvorsen
Co-supervisor: Professor Jakob Bohr

Associate Professor David Brander Perez, DTU Compute
Professor Vicente Palmer Andreu, Universitat Jaume I
Professor Konrad Polthier, Freie Universität Berlin

Chairman: Associate Professor Jens Gravesen, DTU Compute

Summary: In this thesis we are concerned with developable surfaces, that is, surfaces that can be produced by bending without stretching or compressing a planar thin sheet of bendable material. This is a classical family of surfaces, which has been extensively studied in the past and which has an important number of modern applications within architecture (e.g., Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall) , cartography, and manufacturing. In particular, we present a novel method for approximating an arbitrary (doubly-curved) surface S by means of developable surfaces, each one of which is tangential to S along a prescribed curve. Some of the results obtained are then generalized to more abstract higher-dimensional settings. One can foresee many possible applications in the future, from solar cells configurations to design of bridges and buildings, manufacturing of micro devices, and perhaps even garnishing of prepared food.

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A copy of the PhD thesis is available for reading at the department.

Everyone is welcome.


Fri 25 Jan 19


DTU Compute


DTU, Building 303A, Auditorium 45