Research cooperation

Development of new knowledge, new products and new business

Research cooperation with DTU is a way to generate new knowledge, competitive advantages and create unique results that can either provide answers to problems no one has yet solved or provide new development and business opportunities.

Research collaboration with DTU exists in several different forms. For example, requisitioned research, where DTU solves a specific research task set by an organization or company, or joint research, where you together with DTU provide funding, facilities or Business Ph.D. courses where the student is both enrolled at DTU and employed by the company.

Example of a combination of cooperation opportunities

  1. Collaborate with DTU on the Business Ph.D. in computer science and mathematics. A three-year course in which the company has the opportunity to focus on a business-critical development area.
  2. Make cases or data available for DTU’s research in the same area as the Business Ph.D.
  3. Get tailored continuing education that ensures that new knowledge from 1. and 2. becomes operational and creates momentum in the company or organization.



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