Learning Objectives

The Master in Cyber Security program touches on all the major aspects of cyber security, as well as key elements of the overall concept of "information security". It is designed to provide a professional overview for the benefit of those who work (or want to work) with IT security and to provide the necessary competences to manage cyber security efforts from project management (e.g. software development of security critical systems) to the corporate level.

Candidates who have completed the program will be able to:

• Develop security plans for IT systems, including:
    ◦ Conduct risk analyzes of IT systems
    ◦ Identify security objectives for a given IT system
    ◦ Formulate security policies for a given IT system
    ◦ Implement security technologies that support the defined security policies

• Prepare contingency plans for IT security incidents (incident response)

• Prepare emergency plans for disaster events related to IT use in order to maintain the company's functions, possibly including a restoration of the operating facilities

• Understand the development and operation of secure IT Infrastructure, including:
    ◦ Define a system architecture that supports security policies and controls
    ◦ Design and development of an identity and rights management architecture, which includes authentication mechanisms and access control systems for both physical and IT resources

• Perform a cyber security consultancy, where the various elements of the education are applied within a specific consultancy task provided by an external assignment author (usually one of the companies the students are recruited from)

• Understand the development of secure IT systems, including:
    ◦ Development of secure software systems
    ◦ Development and configuration of secure communication protocols
    ◦ Design, development and operation of secure networks

• Conduct security analysis of IT systems (including ethical hacking / penetration testing)


Focus: Individuals with IT/digital background

Format: 2 years, part-time

Costs: 190,000 DKK ex. VAT

Admission: BSc degree + 2 years work experience 

Language: English

Course start: August, 2023

Application deadline: May 1, 2023

Questions? Contact Signe Møller Jørgensen, smjo@dtu.dk

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Christian Damsgaard Jensen
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Signe Møller Jørgensen
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