About us



Our strategy is to be the catalyst for your process, where we are the co-player who holds focus and increases speed.

Across our tailor-made learning programs, open courses and partnerships, we elevate professionalism, equip organizations to make decisions, and co-create the best results. It is characteristic that we are ambitious together with our partners and work together.

Underlying are our values of openness, impartiality, curiosity, in-depth professionalism, companionship, and not least community. This strengthens dialogue and trust, which helps to create momentum in your process.


  • We ensure societal impact through our research-based competence development of employees, managers and decision-makers in public and private organizations and work with principles of safety, responsible technology, technology understanding, and independent advice.
  • We work with innovative partnerships and an ecosystem that supports the digital development and transformation process.


We want to be a lifelong learning partner in digital transformation and digital technologies, thereby being a catalyst for innovation and responsible use of technology.

A partner for life who

  • equip you to actively participate in the digital agenda,
  • is based on the latest research, thus creating digital technology and disseminating it at the highest level
  • through responsibility and integrity supports social responsibility and the realization of the potentials of digitalization.