Photo Sonja Iskov
Photo Sonja Iskov
Photo Sonja Iskov
Photo Sonja Iskov

About us

DTU Compute's management

  • Professor, Head of Department Per B. Brockhoff
  • Professor, Deputy Head of Deparment Jan Madsen
  • and 11 head of sections

DTU Compute consists of 11 research sections, more centres, and a management secretariat. Look at our brochure that provides a little peep into our world.

DTU Compute is Denmark´s largest environment for mathematics and computer science

Mathematics and computer science are in everything - from the artificial pancreas to the self-repairing computer through forecasts for surplus wind energy to Facebook and Google. IT and mathematics lay the foundations for what we can achieve, constituting he key technologies for our future digital society.

Hot topics today include Big data, 3D printing, or tiny sensors placed on clothes or inserted under the skin to measure how we feel and what we need, better foods or bespoke pharmaceuticals. All areas where DTU Compute is in the thick of things.

DTU Compute encompasses both in-depth theory and practical applications. This allows us to convert new ideas into innovative products and provide public sector consultancy - to the benefit of both the business community and public sector institutions.

We take on problems and challenges from other disciplines and position them in a virtual world where we can build models, perform calculations and run simulations. We can then relate the results from this work back to the real world and find solutions to a wide range of problems.

All engineering students have to spend some time at our department as a part of their programme at DTU. At the same time, we educate many engineers who go on to become specialists in precisely our academic fields. Together with our students, we create knowledge and innovation to help develop tomorrow’s society.

Contact us


Per B. Brockhoff
Professor, Head of department
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 33 65


Jan Madsen
Professor, Section Head, Deputy Director
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 37 51

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