27 APR

Partnership to make cement more climate-friendly

DTU, FLSmidth, Danish Technological Institute and others will develop methods to replace fossil fuels with electricity in cement industry.

Energy Earth sciences Information technology Chemistry Construction and mechanics Mathematics
22 APR

Great interest in meeting the chip industry on Chip Day

Denmark needs more trained chip designers, and DTU Compute is now increasing its efforts to get more students to choose that career path.

Electrotechnology Hardware and components Mathematics
Protein. Credit Colourbox
08 APR

New Machine Learning maps the potentials of proteins

In a unique collaboration, DTU Compute and DIKU have created a new technology that can help the biotech industry to develop new proteins faster.

Mathematics Geometry Enzymes and proteins
Eva Rotenberg, Associate Professor, AlogoLoG, DTU Compute
07 APR

The Carlsberg Foundation supports research in graph theory

For the next three years, Associate Professor Eva Rotenberg will explore the connection between geometry and algorithms in large networks in computer science.

28 MAR

The Danish Pioneer Centre for AI marks its official opening

Today, Denmark's new Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence marks its official opening with an event that will focus on how fundamental AI research can contribute...

DTU Compute: Sleep during travel balances individual sleep needs
25 MAR

TIRED? Use travel to get a 'catch-up' night

Surprising findings about sleep during travel from a data set with 3.17 million nights.

Mathematics Information technology
Foto: Bax Lindhardt.
18 MAR

Five prestigious grants for DTU researchers

A total of five researchers from DTU receive ERC Consolidator Grants of approximately DKK 15 mio. from the European Research Council.

Mobility Transport behaviour Innovation and product development Systems analysis Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases Light sources Micro and nanotechnology Optics
Sofie Castella, Managing Director of the Danish Data Science Academy, DDSA
14 MAR

Wide support to catalyze and unite Danish data science

The Danish Data Science Academy is ready for take-off with help from 57 people representing the diversity of the data science community.

Gustav Gamst Larsen, Lukas Leindals, and Peter Grønning - DTU students at the bachelor study Artificial Intelligence and Data. Credit: Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
09 MAR

Korean artist speaks Danish with AI help from students

Three DTU students have used voice conversion technology for a video featured in an exhibition at SMK, the National Gallery of Denmark.

Information technology Mathematics

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