The image is from a pop-up mobility hub with shared cars, bikes, and scooters in front of Mariehøj Cultural Center in Rudersdal, where the partners held a kick-off meeting on Friday, November 3. Photo: Region H
14 NOV

Could shared vehicles in the suburbs be the key to more public transport?

DTU is participating in a large European demonstration project aimed at encouraging more people to see the benefits of sharing transportation and using public transport...

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Head of Department and Professor at DTU Compute Jan Madsen. Photo: Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
13 NOV

Jan Madsen: Computer scientists need to get serious about quantum computing

Speaking to a packed room at Digital Tech Summit the Head of DTU Compute, Jan Madsen, emphasised the critical role of computer science in bridging the gap between physical...

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Photo from PhD Bazaar 2023. Photo credit: Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
08 NOV

Diversity: DTU Compute increases the focus on women and foreign researchers

Together with 11 other university environments within STEM, DTU Compute and DTU Bioengineering receive support from the VILLUM FONDEN, the Novo Nordisk Foundation and...

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Mikal Schlosser
26 OCT

3D scans will uncover the secrets of gold treasure

One of the biggest collections of gold treasure in Danish history has been 3D scanned at DTU. Researchers are now trying to unfold the gold pieces digitally to uncover...

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Martin Brynskov. Credit Hanne Kokkegaard - DTU Compute
25 OCT

European AI testing facilities attend Digital Tech Summit

To ensure responsible AI in Europe and the world, large testing facilities called TEFs launched this summer. Two key elements of this effort are present at this years Digital...

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Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
11 OCT

App helps collect soft data in the city

What do citizens think about an urban area? And what is important to them when transforming part of it into a green, attractive urban space? DTU is a partner in the New...

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'European Study Groups with Industry' – ESGI. Magne Egede and Jonas Dammann. Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute.
30 AUG

Businesses receive the lightning treatment at the mathematical modelling workshop

Three start-up companies have received assistance in overcoming challenges in mathematical modelling as the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) hosted the annual Danish...

Edlund-specialepris 2022 blev overrakt den 16. August 2023 på DTU. Fra venstre professor på Aarhus Universitet og formand for Dansk Matematisk Forening Simon Kristensen, professor emeritus og formand for Edlundsprisens bedømmelsesudvalg i Dansk Matematisk Forening Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen, data scientist i Cerius-Radius og vinder Henriette Dyhr Rahbek, vejleder for Henriette og lektor på DTU Compute Mirza Karamehmedovic, Chief Product Officer hos Edlund A/S Jerôme Baltzersen. Foto: Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute
17 AUG

Henriette has written Denmark's best mathematics thesis

Former DTU Compute student, Henriette Dyhr Rahbek, has been awarded the Danish Mathematical Society's Thesis Prize sponsored by Edlund A/S.

Ph.d.-studerende Pawel Pieta blotlægger den nøjagtige mikrostruktur af mozzarella ved hjælp af CT-skanninger. Foto: Bax Lindhardt
02 AUG

The hunt for perfect mozzarella

The perfect pizza includes cheese that melts just the right way. Scientists at DTU are looking deep inside the structure of mozzarella to help fully understand why some...

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Sune Lehmann Jørgensen. Photo credit Mikal Schlosser
07 JUL

Sune Lehmann: Freedom, community and immersion are the cornerstones of a good...

This year’s research environment award goes to the interdisciplinary research group Social Complexity Lab at DTU and the University of Copenhagen. Professor Sune Lehmann...

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